a new ocasiocasa exhibit August 5th - 25th, 2022 at the Cape Coral Art Center
opening reception on August 12th, 5 -7 pm

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playgroup 2

a collection inspired by childhood dreams

oh my stars original illustration - a white mouse and white rabbit looking up at the stars




(oh-KAH-see-oh KAH-sah)
~sculpture + illustration created in the house of jeff & dale ocasio

Jeff and Dale are a husband and wife creative team who design and produce their artwork collaboratively. Sculpting with paper masking tape over wire and reclaimed objects is where their artwork begins.  Each sculpture is encased with layers of acid‐free glue, color is added with more layers of acrylics, and protected with matte varnish. Their sculptures are documented through digital illustrations and animations. 

They create, live and play in sunny, slow‐moving SW Florida.

two  one of a kind sculpted lions

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