ocasiocasa is for the birds

shop update: our latest happy bluebirds are currently for sale on our website for a limited time.


The world of ocasiocasa is full of seemingly simple things in life, from the creepy crawlies on the ground to the hanging stars in the skies.

Included in this happy world are the birds. Here are some we've created over the years.

We see the long-legged ones on neighborhood lawns,

the majestic ones in nearby parks,

little ones building nests in our carport,

fluttering ones in our birdbath,

and shadows on our deck from the circling ones.

We hear the warning cries when a predatory one lands on a branch,

and the cluck, cluck, clucking of our neighbor’s chickens.

Of course, of all things, we would make birds and always will; we have so much inspiration around us.


Here's a happy bunch we’re working on right now.

'Habanero' says hi. He'll be in our upcoming solo show at the Cape Coral Art Center this August. We'll keep you posted with more details.

cheers, ~jeff &dale